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When preparing for anal sex, some individuals choose to ensure a clean experience by using an anal douche prior to intercourse. We tell you how to best use an anal douche for the best, body safe ...

9 Anal Douching FAQs: Why It’s Done, How to Do It, Safety ...

To use an anal douche or enema: Stand in the shower so the contents of the douche — and your rectum — have a place to land. You can also do it over the toilet if you’re fooling around on the ...

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Anal douches clean the rectum and anal canal by rinsing the interior area with water or specialized solutions. An anal douche product itself is the tool used to insert the cleansing liquid into the rectum.

How To Anal Douche Like A PRO & Get Sparkly Clean

Anal douche bulbs or bulb syringes are probably the most user-friendly douching tool out there. They consist of a multi-use, handheld rubber bulb with a plastic nozzle. All you have to do is fill up the bulb with water or saline, lube up the nozzle, and insert it up your butt.

How To Use An Anal Douche Safely (My Anal Cleaning Routine)

Guide To Using An Anal Douche? It’s actually so simple and easy to use an anal douche, all you need to do is fill the douche with lukewarm water (using tap water can cause PH imbalances which you want to avoid so unless you know your tap water is safe try using a little bottled water).

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The anal douche and shower shot are generally hard nozzles that can easily cause tearing if you are not careful. Take a moment to put plenty of lube on the nozzle and insert it slowly so you don’t tear.

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Put simply, anal douching is rinsing out the rectum. It involves using an instrument (the douche) to push warm water into the rectum. You then let the water drain out.

Anal Douching 101: How to Clean for Anal Sex

Need a general douche definition? Well, anal douching is the act of cleaning out your anal cavity to prepare for anal sex. The goal of douching is to minimize the chance of poop and/or bad smells from ruining your anal sex session. Most douches use simple water to clean out your rectum, with the doucher “squeezing” or “pooping out” the water multiple times throughout the process.

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Today I show you how to correctly use a douche. Using a douche can be scary & potentially dangerous, so it's important that you know how to use one correctly...