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Dry foreskin is a common male problem so at least you’re not alone. I know that many men (or couples, like in your case) find lubricants enough to solve this problem. Unfortunately, as you say, it is not enough for you.

Dry Skin on Penis: 7 Causes, Home Remedies to Try, and More

Here are seven possible causes of dry skin on the penis. 1. Drying soaps. A very harsh soap or cleanser may dry out the skin on the penis. Consider washing your penis using only water.

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This may be a case of balanitis. However, you have noted of a white discoloration as well as tightening of the foreskin in the area. This may be case of balanitis obliterans. I suggest that you have this assessed by a physician early on. Tightening of the foreskin around the glans penis may obstruct blood flow to the area.

Foreskin Problems: Dryness, Swelling, Infection, Irritation ...

Some common symptoms of posthitis that affect the foreskin include: dryness pain or tenderness itchiness burning sensation thickened skin ( lichenification) abnormal discharge from under the foreskin phimosis bad odor

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It is smegma: It is normal to shed a cell layer of skin on a daily basis, this is doubled under the foreskin because two skin surfaces are in contact. Think of it a... Read More. 5.8k views Reviewed >2 years ago. Thank. Dr. Moez Khorsandi and another doctor agree. 2 doctors agree.

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Red ring along with red spots can be due to the inflammation caused by infections. Another possibility is eczematous reaction to the cloth material, condoms or personal hygiene products. The next possible cause may be due to a condition called plasma cell balanitis.

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A dry skin on penis, penile shaft, penile head (glans) or foreskin may be an indication of various health or skin conditions. Mostly, the skin appears white or red, bumpy, scaly and flaky. It may be itchy or not itchy. It may be a sign of infections, but probably not sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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In uncircumcised men, balanitis is frequently accompanied by posthitis, an inflammation of the foreskin. When both these conditions occur together, it's called balanoposthitis . Symptoms may include: Itching. A skin rash or red, sore looking skin. Cracked skin. Swelling. Pain.