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Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC, explains that whether your preference is a silicone enema bag or a stainless steel bucket, Optimal Health Network has you covered...

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The biggest benefit of buckets over enema bags is that if you don't have anywhere to hang your enema equipment, buckets can be set on tall stools or other elevated surfaces next to you while doing an enema, while bags can only be hung up.

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I want to order a decent quality enema kit, but I’m unsure if I should get a latex bag or stainless steel bucket. I’ve heard coffee and other solutions structurally damage the latex and a silicone enema bag or stainless steel bucket are preferable when doing those types of enemas. The silicone bag is out of my budget at this point, so I’m wondering if anyone can give me advice as to what ...

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Our current selection of colon cleanse enema bags and enema buckets includes our signature 4-quart stainless steel enema bucket and 2-quart, 3-quart, and 5-quart silicone enema bags, all of which you can customize with your choice of enema hose, hose clamp, inline pump, hanging hook, solution flow indicator, and enema nozzles or colon tubes.

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Some of our rubber enema bags include the Gallon Black Enema Bag, the 5 Quart Enema Bag, and the Water Bottle Cleansing Kit. If you have material sensitivity or sensitive skin, however, you will want to go with a silicone enema bag. It’s a totally inert material, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your sensitive areas.

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Often, a bucket is manufactured to hold even more solution than a bag, so it can be a little more cumbersome to use. The biggest benefit to using a bucket kit is that it is the easiest type of enema kit to clean.

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Use a 5-quart enema bag or a 4-quart enema bucket [5000cc or 4000cc]. Three to four quarts [3000cc or 4000cc] of solution may be necessary to reach the upper colon. Because of this, you will want a large-capacity enema system for easy access to this amount of enema solution.

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Enema Bag and Bucket Set 1500 mL. Pack of 50 Disposable Enema Kits. Vinyl Travel Enema Kits. Non-Sterile Bags with Pre-Lubricated Tip. Cleansing Enema Bags.

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The best and simplest way to clean your enema equipment is to run hot, soapy water through both the bag or bucket and tubing. Use a small brush to thoroughly clean your nozzle, also with hot, soapy water. Add a few drops of our Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to the soapy water, which acts as a non-toxic sterilizing agent.